Work in progress

  • “What is wrong with men? Sexism and the gender gap in far-right vote” with Guillem Rico
  • “The consequences of participating in the 15M” with Carol Galais and Araceli Mateos
  • “You Called Me a Populist! The Media’s Talk of Populism and Its Influence on Public Opinion” with Guillem Rico, Camilo Cristancho, and Enrique Hernández
  • “Feminism as a cue” with Leire Rincón, Guillem Rico, Berta Barbet, Maria J Hierro
  • “Understanding Threats: the emotional dimension of issues” with Macarena Ares
  • “Feminism as Threat” with Gefjon Off
  • “Feminism in the Spanish press 2013-2019” with Leire Rincon, Sabina Monza and Damjan Tomic

Recent publications

Here you can find some recent selected publications. A complete list is available in my cv. All publications are open access at DDD, but email me if you cannot access a paper.

Have a look also at our research group web page!